Seven Filipina celebrities who flaunt their ‘pambahay’ looks on social media

Jan 5, 2018 | Artist, Artists, Celebrities, Celebrities And Showbiz

  • Most celebrities have become dependent on heavy makeup and bright lights to accentuate their beauty, and that’s okay.
  • Still, there are those who are confident enough to show the world their literal woke-up-like-this faces.
  • Check out these seven Filipina celebrities who have graced social media with photos of them in simple pambahay, doing house chores like normal folk.

It is quite literally as Us Weekly would pronounce: Stars — They’re Just Like Us! Check out these seven Filipina celebrities who are unafraid to share photos of them unmade, chilling at home or doing house chores. Indeed, they woke up like this!

1. Kris Aquino

via instagram.com/krisaquino
via instagram.com/krisaquino

THE Kris Aquino has a name and face familiar to almost every Filipino household. As the Queen of all Media, she is often seen glammed up, wearing the fiercest of makeups, updos, and gowns. Still, she frequently posts photos of her on social media barefaced, in simple shirts and PJs, enjoying the domesticated side of her busy life. She is truly one of the Filipina celebrities who couldn’t care less about being seen unmade.

2. Solenn Heusaff

via instagram.com/nicobolzico

If Solenn hates having her photos taken when she’s not in full makeup, she should start getting used to it by now. For one, her husband Nico Bolzico loves taking photos (and videos) of her off-guard. Second, she is drop-dead gorgeous anyway, makeup or no makeup, glamorous dress or pambahay bath robe.

3. Neri Naig-Miranda

via instagram.com/chitomirandajr

Chito Miranda hasn’t stopped capturing his beloved wife’s random moments and uploading them with the sweetest captions ever. He recently uploaded a photo of the expecting Neri Naig-Miranda, in her pambahay and doing the laundry. This is his caption:

“Jusko ang kulit ng asawa ko. Manganganak na next month pero gusto nya sya mismo maglalaba ng mga gamit ng baby namin. Sabi ko magpahinga nalang sya. May mga kasambahay naman kami at washing machine. Sabi nya hindi naman daw nakakapagod tsaka gusto nya daw talaga na sya mismo ang maglaba para siguradong malinis. Hindi na ko kumontra…baka pati ako masabon pa hehe!”

4. Kris Bernal

via instagram.com/krisbernal

It might be difficult to believe that this is how she really looks unmade, but Kris Bernal is one of the Filipina celebrities who are just stunning even in pambahay.


5. Ellen Adarna

Watch this adorable video of Ellen Adarna babysitting her goddaughter, Beauty Gonzalez‘s Baby Olivia in a simple white shirt and pambahay shorts:

6. Dimples Romana

via instagram.com/dimplesromana

Dimples is one of those Filipina celebrities who look absolutely stunning even when just picking up groceries.


7. Marjorie Barretto

via instagram.com/marjbarretto

Marjorie Barrett0 obviously glows in the simple probinsya sunlight as she did under the spotlight! Look at her enjoy micro-farming in her mini-orchard!


What can you say about these Filipina celebrities who look amazing even in pambahay? Do you know any other celebrities who should be part of this list? Who else looks absolutely beautiful even unmade? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Seven Filipina celebrities who flaunt their ‘pambahay’ looks on social media


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