For Kanebo, makeup is about clarity and balance

Nov 17, 2017 | Beauty, Makeup

Kanebo’s latest makeup collection harnesses the power of light and shadows, and specifically addresses facial dimensions. Kanebo is available at Rustan’s.

MANILA, Philippines — Dusk lighting is the best. When the sun is about to set, it has a glow as soft as a candle’s lighting up the world — as if that’s not amazing enough, it also makes for dramatic portrait lighting. Selfies taken in this light are kind of magical; it makes you look like you’re glowing from the inside, as well as erases all signs of pores. That’s really the end game in makeup, isn’t it? Japanese brand Kanebo has got this figured out, with its long history of concentrating on giving skin a lit-from-within etherealness, through both skincare and makeup.

In its latest makeup collection, the brand stays true to its DNA and resists existing trends that border on the theatrical. It’s just not who they are. Instead, it simplifies the process of getting that glow through a collection that plays with light and shadows, and insists that makeup is about creating lines tempered with soft iridescence.

“Inner allure — having a soft and tender glow from within, with clear lines around the eyes and lips” is Kanebo’s philosophy. For the brand, it’s the reason we wear makeup. These lines draw out individual beauty and balance the face, and the goal is to achieve a refined facial contrast through easy palettes of compacted light and shadows. The collection has three unique product features. What Kanebo calls 5R color means infusing makeup with pigments of red, which renders the skin with a natural healthy complexion. It has Skin Comfort Texture, which means makeup melts and smoothly becomes one with the skin. Foundations have a “tender glow” finish, which makes skin look as though it has light radiating from within. The new collection includes the following:

Kanebo Tone Up Primer — Illuminates the face with a yellowish green tint that gives it luminosity and balances pigments (green, as I learned very early on during my pubescent quest for the perfect concealer, hides redness pretty well).

Kanebo Luster Cream Foundation — A rich foundation that delivers a porcelain finish, and a soft-focus effect that blurs imperfections. Skin looks creamy and feels comfortable.

Kanebo Foundation Brush — This unique-shaped foundation brush is packed with soft and full bristles to flawlessly blend product on skin.


Kanebo Variant Brosse (Contour) — A contouring blush that redefines face dimensions, it sculpts the face naturally with three shades that harmonize to skin.

Kanebo Lip Primer — A sheer pink-tinted lip primer to wear under lipstick or alone, it adds moisture and makes lips smooth and more youthful.

Kanebo Intense Crayon Rouge — A crayon lipstick with a soft matte finish in six shades.

Kanebo Volume Framing Mascara — Delivers volume with an intense black that draws attention to the eyes. The 5R red nuance color accentuates the eye color, too.

Kanebo Eyebrow Mascara — A styling mascara that defines brows for naturally framed eyes.

Kanebo Selection Color Eyeshadow — Accentuates the eyes in a five-shade Elegant Lavender palette that translates into a grayish tone that’s chic and wearable.

According to Kanebo, form is one element that we should pay attention to when doing makeup. They call it the PPD effect — Parts, Positioning and Dimension. This makeup theory suggests that creating dimension with light and shadows can help alter face shape, and Kanebo’s latest makeup collection addresses this specifically. For example, the Tone Up Primer diffuses 5R light with Color Create Pearl pigments (light) and provides a contoured look through its yellowish-green color (shadows).

For skincare, Kanebo launches four products that help achieve that lit-from-within look, focusing on anti-aging. Kanebo Graceful Flow Lotion is a balancing lotion that softens skin and makes it more resilient. Kanebo Fulfilling Emulsion is a rich and smooth emulsion that provides firmness and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Kanebo Skin-Tightening Cream is a nourishing cream that moisturizes, conditions, tightens and lifts skin. Kanebo Skin Gloss Oil Water adds moisture and gloss on skin with a crystal-clear, pink essence. It can also be used for the body and on hair.

By Chonx Tibajia

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