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Nov 16, 2017 | Artist, Artists, Cool, Fashion

HaloHalo offers a collection of bags and home accessories all wrapped in their signature recycled plastic banig.

MANILA, Philippines — When you combine great design and sustainable materials with Filipino craftsmanship, there’s one homegrown label that comes to mind —HaloHalo.

After their successful pop-up at the Artefino fair, and winning “Product of the Year 2017” last August, the lifestyle brand is prepping for the holidays, and will be setting up shop at the luxury purveyor and lifestyle emporium Lanai Manila. If you missed out on them the last time then this is your chance to catch the one-day-only limited-edition pop-up concept happening this Tuesday, Nov. 21 located at The Alley at Karrivin.

Experience the brand’s signature of recycled plastic banig seen in their best-selling Bayong, which is a versatile bag that could be used as a market bag, a planter, a laundry hamper, or even a storage bin. See new additions to their #HaloHaloHome collection like their Sopa ottoman, which is a banig-wrapped pouf made with cushion grade foam.

Cara Sumabat, co-founder of HaloHalo Inc. alongside brother Rocco Sumabat, says “I feel incredibly humbled by the simple idea that we get to do what we do. Our passion is putting together functional design, hand-in-hand with Filipino craft and ethically conscious decisions — I’m still in shock with the amount of attention and crazy response our small brand is getting. So when the opportunity for a small holiday pop-up came up with Lanai, I saw #HaloHaloHome as a chance to say thank you to our loyal clients and customers.”

In this week’s issue, YStyle gets an exclusive look at HaloHalo’s latest campaign.

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Exclusively sold offline for the moment, #HaloHaloHome is open one-day-only on Nov. 21 at Lanai Manila at The Alley at Karrivin, 2316 Chino Roces Extension, Makati, Metro Manila.

Visit @halohalostoreph on Instagram for more information.

YSTYLE: Can you tell us about your #HaloHaloHome collection? From your signature handbags, how did you start to pursue furniture and mats?

CARA SUMABAT: We’ve always wanted to do more with our materials and making things for the home just fell into place organically. Our products are outcomes of our own needs. We wanted to decorate our homes with easy and flexible seating, thus we made the sopas. We love going on beach trips but find using towels or sarongs so messy, thus we thought of making single-size yoga-like mats.

We’ve learned that you’ve recently shifted to an “offline only” approach to selling your product. Can you tell us more about that?

We felt that for our clients to appreciate and understand our brand, they would need to see and feel our products up close. We felt that our presence online wasn’t enough (and) that the appeal of our products wouldn’t be fully translated. For now, we want to continue selling offline until we feel the market is ready to buy our products online.

Can you describe the response in your most recent pop-up sale for ArteFino?

The collection becomes available for one day only at Lanai Manila, Nov. 21, 2017.

It was crazy! We didn’t expect to get the kind of attention that we got from the crowd. People were really lining up and waiting whenever we restocked our booth.

How did it feel being awarded the “Product of the Year 2017” award at Artefino? What was it like being recognized by an esteemed set of judges such as Wynn Wynn Ong and Ito Kish?

Like a dream! We are big fans of all the judges. We follow their journey as artists and couldn’t have been more elated by their decision!

What things can we expect for #HaloHaloHome at Lanai Manila? How did the collaboration come about?

The favorites will be available, mainly the bayongs and sopas. And we’ve added a few more products that are perfect for gifts or for your next vacay!

What’s next for HaloHalo?

A whole lot more. We’re currently developing more products for next year and working on really exciting collaborations!

Photographed by Ralph Mendoza

Styled by MJ Benitez

Produced by Martin Yambao

Makeup by Sylvina Lopez

Modeled byAnna Bradborn

and Jay Jackson

By Francine Gacrama

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