8-year-old Rape-Slay Victim Found with a Crushed Skull at a Ranch on Her Birthday

Nov 13, 2017 | Crime, News, Rape Slay

Her family was supposed to celebrate her 8th birthday but held her funeral instead.

General Santos City, Philippines—An 8-year-old girl was reported missing by her family on the eve of her birthday. Witnesses claimed to have last seen the girl alive with a neighbor, a baker who worked nearby. She was found completely naked, lifeless, and with a crushed skull the following day after she was reported missing.

According to PSI Fernando Manuel, Police Station 7’s police chief, they instantly responded to the family’s call and looked for the little girl.

“Ni-respondehan natin agad yong report ng mga magulang sa atin, kaninang umaga pumunta tayo sa bahay nila at may nakapagturo na huling kasama nong bata kagabi, yong kapitbahay nilang panadero,” PSI Manuel said.

[We immediately responded to the parents’ report, and went to their house where somebody told us that they last saw the girl alive with their neighbor who was a baker.]

The police immediately went to the suspect’s house and found him washing his blood-stained clothes. The suspect, identified as Mark Engkong, was then brought Police Station 7 where he was questioned and jailed.

“Umamin ito sa amin kaya nalaman naming na sa rantsohan niya inilibing yong bangkay ng bata. Para sa amin, personally, walang kapatawaran itong ginawa ng suspek”, PSI Manuel added.

[He admitted to his crimes that was why we knew that he buried the child at a ranch. For us personally, what he did was unforgivable.]

However, the suspect’s claims kept on changing. He also claimed that somebody else asked him to take the child and bring her to them. He claimed that he witnessed them rape the 8-year-old girl. He then claimed to have escaped before the supposed ‘other’ suspects raped and killed the girl.

“Pero habang ginagawa nila yon, tumakas na ako. Hindi ako ang gumawa niyan”,Engkong claimed.

[While they were (raping) her, I escaped. I didn’t do that.]

The grieving family, however, insists that Engkong receive the highest form of punishment: death. They were greatly affected, especially when the child was supposed to celebrate her 8th birthday that day.

“Mas maganda kung i-death penalty dapat talaga i-death penalty, kawawa naman yong anak ko,” the victim’s father said in an interview.

[It would be better if he (suspect) would be given the death penalty. He MUST be given the death penalty, I pity my child.]

“Mas maganda na makulong siya pero dapat mahuli yong mga kasama niya para mabigyan talaga ng hustisya ang anak ko”, he added.

[It is good that he was jailed, but his accomplices should be caught as well, to give my daughter justice.]

The local police vowed to catch all remaining suspects (if any), and give them the proper punishment they so deserve.

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