Liza Soberano’s Doppelganger in South Korea Nancy Jewel Mcdonie

Nov 2, 2017 | Beautiful, Korean Girl, Sexy

It’s every girl’s dream to at least have a little similarity to the most beautiful face in the industry, Liza Soberano. Yet, there is one girl who somewhat looks like Liza Soberano and the netizens now going crazy over her. Take a look at her photos below and know who this girl is.

Meet Nancy Jewel Mcdonie a K-pop star who looks quite identical to Liza Soberano. Mcdonie is half- Korean, half-american and starred in reality series “Finding Momoland”. This Korean chick is just sixteen years old and now appears on some of K-pop idols stage performance particularly to McGee’s debut song Dangerous. She is still training hard on her upcoming debut under Korean entertainment agency Duble Kick Entertainment.

Browsing more of her photos online, we can say that she quite resembles Liza Soberano on some of her features. Both of them look very angelic and blessed with perfect skin and fair complexion. They also share the same smile and the shapes of their face were like come from the same mold.

There was also this photo where we mistakenly thought that it was Liza Soberano doing a selfie. Check that photo out and we’re sure that you will also mistake her as Liza Soberano.

The reaction of the netizens was unanimous. Same with us, they also agreed that Mcdonie has similarities to Liza’s facial features. Meanwhile, some netizens thought that Mcdonie looks prettier than Liza Soberano. What can you say about this? Do you think Mcdonie is a Liza Soberano look alike?

Watch her video below:

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