Meet Sunshine Guimary the Gorgeous FHM model! You’ll Surely Thank Me Later!

Oct 28, 2017 | Beautiful, Beauty, FHM model, Gorgeous, Model, Sexy

Cebu is known as the Queen City of the South. But then, did you know that aside from being the Queen City of the South, Cebu is also known as the city that’s filled with the finest ladies in the country? Well, one of the gorgeous ladies from the Cebu is Sunshine Guimary.

Is she familiar to you? If not, then we have here a few details about this goddess!
Apparently, Sunshine Guimary is an FHM model who happens to be a famous personality on Instagram. Why? Ghad! This lady isn’t just gorgeous but she also has a body to die for! She may be new to your eyes but we assure you that this fine lady can make any man’s day brighter!

May she be wearing a casual outfit, a sexy one, or a swimsuit, she’ll definitely get a perfect 10 and FHM knows why!

In an interview, Guimary expressed how grateful she is to the company for choosing her although she’s from a province that’s filled with ladies who are even more gorgeous than she is.

Guimary was then asked about the two other Sunshines in the industry and she simply stated that she’s a fan of both Sunshine Cruz and Sunshine Garcia. She also added that she admires them for being confident with their bodies.

Aside from being a fan of the other Sunshines, Guimary is also a fan of bags and shoes! In fact, she celebrated her birthday in 2014 by going on a shopping spree in Macau and Hong Kong where she got herself some Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dior and even Victoria’s Secret!

Guimary was then asked if she wants a man who would spoil her but then she said, “No. What’s important is that she’s with someone who understands her.”

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