‘Ugliest Woman in the World’, Lizzie Velasquez Inspires People Today

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  • Lizzie Velasquez was born with a rare genetic disorder that only affects two people in the world.
  • Her condition caused her to be extremely thin, which made her the subject of bullying.
  • Despite the struggles, Lizzie was able to rise from the challenges.

Lizzie Velasquez was born with a disease that only affected two people in history. Marfan lipodystrophy is a rare congenital syndrome which makes it impossible for a person to gain weight. Throughout her life, Lizzie struggled with alarming thinness and poor eyesight.

When she was born in Austin, Texas, the doctors informed her first-time parents that their child cannot speak, walk, crawl or even think for herself. Despite being burdened with this revelation, Lizzie’s parents decided to take their first-born baby girl home.

It would take more than a rare condition to stop Lizzie’s parents from loving and taking good care of her. Years later, their love and support for their daughter will be one of the foundations of the success of Lizzie Velasquez.

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Her condition severely affected her physical appearance. Since lipodystrophy prevents her from gaining subcutaneous fat, she struggled with her weight to the point that her bones are already sticking out of her skin. Aside from this, her right eye is also affected.

This made her first day of school a disaster. Kids can be ruthless, and her classmates in kindergarten were no different. As early as her first day in school, she was already bullied relentlessly.

“When I started kindergarten, I had absolutely no idea that I looked different. No clue. I couldn’t see that I looked different from the other kids.

I had to go home and ask my parents “What’s wrong with me? What did I do? Why don’t they like me?”

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Fortunately, Lizzie’s parents never left her side throughout her toughest obstacles in life. When she came home crying after being bullied, her parents served as her strong foundation.

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Aside from the demeaning title, what hurts her feelings most was the hate she was receiving. Many people who watched her video left terrible comments, with one even going as far as saying that she should’ve done the world a favor and killed herself.

Despite the hate that she was receiving from millions of people who watched her video, Lizzie Velasquez proved that she’s stronger than the hate comments. She persevered to show people that it’s not the outside that counts, rather your personality as a person.

Today, Lizzie Velasquez has grown to be a successful and respectable 28-year-old woman who travels all around the globe to give inspirational talks. She has a Youtube channel with more than 700,000 subscribers which she uses to stop bullying. Lizzie was able to finish her education and write a book which aims to motivate others.

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In her TED Talk, Lizzie explained how she turned her life around:

“My life is out into my hands just like your life is put into yours. You are the person in the front seat of your car. You are the person who decides whether your car goes down a bad path or a good path. You are the one that decides what defines you.”

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To watch her entire TED Talk “How Do You Define Yourself”, check out the video below.


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