“Thank a farmer.” Wife Realizes Husband’s Passion after She Gets Upset Over His All-Day Toiling

Oct 26, 2017 | Cool, Family, Farmers, Inspiring

  • A wife started to get upset over her current situation with farmer husband, so she texts him how frustrated she felt. Later on, she realizes how much he has sacrificed for his family.
  • “Thank a farmer,” she wrote on her Facebook post.
  • Read on to find out more.

Being a farmer is a hard and thankless job, toiling for hours under the sun just to harvest the best produce. Despite being the largest industry, agriculture remains underemployed because it lacks the comfort and returns an ordinary office job offers. The combination of long hours and exhaustion is what made one farmer’s wife upset over her husband.

Katie Spence Pughwife to farmer Eugene of Tennessee, shared a photo of her husband on Facebook after a long day of backbreaking work at their cotton farm. Aside from the heartwarming image of a father-daughter bonding, Katie’s caption also tugged at the heartstrings of her readers. According to a Daily Mail report, her viral post was shared more than a thousand times!

via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh

Her post began with her cotton-picking Eugene’s constantly working at the farm, leaving her to manage the household all by herself especially during the planting and harvesting seasons.

But when Eugene arrived home, he quietly fixed himself dinner and began to eat solo. The husband also apologized to Katie for feeling frustrated.

Then in came their daughter Charlotte who chatted with her dad, even nibbling some of his dinner. Instead of complaining, Eugene gladly shared his meal with Charlotte.

It suddenly dawned on Katie how passionate her husband was with his craft – farming. For that, she appreciated Eugene and other farmers committed in their profession, even if it’s “always non GMO this and organic that.”

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via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh

In the end, Katie has come to realize the wisdom behind reaping what you sow when she saw the brighter side of things. She wrote, in part:

“So while I felt frustrated, I really should have felt thankful. I got to sit down to dinner and hear all the stories from the day with the kids. I got to give them a bath and hear their squeals and giggles. I got to snuggle and love on them for three hours more than he did.

He is the one sacrificing, not me.”

via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh

Likewise, she called on others to be a little grateful to the farmers. She wrote, “In the meantime, the next time you slip into that comfy cotton shirt or eat delicious farm fresh food, thank a farmer. Where would we be without them?”

Read her whole post here:

via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh

How about some of the touching comments from a few netizens?

via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh
via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh
via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh
via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh
via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh
via facebook.com/katie.s.pugh

What could you say about this touching story? Do you know a farmer who has sacrificed a lot to provide for his/her family? Let us know your stories and thoughts in the comments section below!

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