Netizen Shares Photos of On-Duty Security Guard Taking Care of His Child

Oct 26, 2017 | Children, Family, Inspiring

  • A netizen encountered a security guard who inspired him.
  • The guard was spotted with his child at a Cebuana Lhuillier branch in Pacita, Laguna.
  • What inspired the netizen? Find out below!

Security guards usually go unnoticed by everyone else, partly because they are so commonplace. However, one security guard generated a lot of attention because of something that he did while he was on-duty.

A netizen going by the name Jeff Magno shared a series of inspiring pictures that showed a security guard who works at a Cebuana Lhuillier branch in Pacita, Laguna. According to Magno, he was inspired after seeing the security guard bring his child to work.

The following is an excerpt of Magno’s post:

“Tinanong ko si manong guard kung may sakit ba yung anak nya, ang sabi nya saakin pinanganak kasing pre-matured ang anak nya kaya matamlay ito.” 

“Nabilib lang ako sa kanya dahil sinisikap nyang pagsabayin ang kanyang trabaho at pag-aalaga sa kanyang anak. Saludo ako sayo manong guard napakabuti mong ama!” 

He used the hashtags #Salute and #SpreadLove to show his appreciation for the inspiring security guard. As of this writing, Magno’s post has already received 11,000 reactions2,484 shares, and around 1,200 comments.

Magno posted three pictures of the security guard with his child. The first photo showed the guard with a pensive expression on his face. It could be seen that he was clearly concerned about the welfare of his child.

via facebook/jeff.magno.00

However, the next two photos showed him with a happy expression etched on his face. His child was seen lying down on the seats of Cebuana Lhuillier, while the security guard caressed his child in a loving manner.

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via facebook/jeff.magno.00
via facebook/jeff.magno.00

Many netizens commended the guard for his perseverance and his thoughtfulness. Others commented with the hashtag #KMJS,” which pertains to the GMA Network’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

Read what netizens had to say about this inspiring story below.

via facebook/jeff.magno.00
via facebook/jeff.magno.00
via facebook/jeff.magno.00
via facebook/jeff.magno.00
via facebook/jeff.magno.00
via facebook/jeff.magno.00

Read Magno’s full post below:

via facebook/jeff.magno.00

What can you say about this inspiring security guard? How did this story make you feel? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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