Netizen Shares a Disturbing Thing She Saw on Her Bathroom Selfie

Oct 26, 2017 | Halloween, Images, Odd, Phone

  • A netizen shared three selfies that she took in a bathroom in St. Peter Memorial.
  • Her cousin noticed something odd in the third picture she has taken.
  • What was it? Read on and see the pictures for yourself!

Nowadays, taking a picture of oneself is the norm, thanks to the availability of smartphones and a reliable internet connection. It comes with the concept of self-expression, where one is freer in terms of posting anything on their minds – including pictures. Usually, people post pictures of themselves called a “selfie.”

One such netizen shared that she was just taking a picture in the bathroom of St. Peter when her cousin noticed something. The netizen posted her pictures on Facebook, where it has collectively reached 250 likes, 217 shares, and 108 comments as of this writing.

According to her, she was the only person inside the bathroom that time. Hence, she was extremely disturbed when her cousin pointed out that something seemed odd in the third selfie.

The netizen took a look and that’s when she got creeped out as well. The third selfie was kind of filled with shadows but she noticed that something peeked out from the stall behind her. She said that she took the pictures a long time ago.

It was her cousin who prompted her to take a second look at one of her selfies because the former looked through her smartphone photos. As mentioned, the netizen noticed an odd-looking creature – so to speak – in the third selfie.

Other netizens agreed with her and said that her third selfie gave them the creeps as well. Although there is a possibility that it may be photoshopped, several social media users commented their thoughts.

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In one of the uploader’s replies to another netizen, she confirmed that she was in St. Peter Memorial Chapel in Quezon Avenue, Q.C. 

This is her first selfie:

via PH Trending

This is her second shot:

via PH Trending

And this is the third shot:

via PH Trending

Did you see it?

Read her status below:

via facebook/[REDACTED]

Meanwhile, here are some comments about her post:

via facebook/[REDACTED]
via facebook/[REDACTED]
via facebook/[REDACTED]
via facebook/[REDACTED]
via facebook/[REDACTED]
via facebook/[REDACTED]

What do you think about her picture? Were you creeped out as well? Or not? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below! 

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