The Dark History Behind This Abandoned Island in Scotland

Oct 26, 2017 | Biology, History, War, Warefare

  • An abandoned island in Scotland was used as a biological warfare test zone during World War II.
  • They tested the anthrax virus on the area.
  • Scientist are still not certain if it is habitable.

This abandoned island in Scotland has a very dark history that no one has dared to go to it.

Gruinard is an oval-shaped island off the Gruinard Bay. It is approximately two kilometers long and one kilometer wide. This island was used as a testing zone for biological warfare weapons during World War II. It is also here that a British military scientist tested ‘Anthrax’, an infectious bacteria, as a bio-weapon.

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The anthrax strain used was a highly virulent type called “Vollum 14578”, named after the Bacteriology Professor of University of Oxford, R. L. Vollum, who also supplied it.They took about eighty sheep to Gruinard and bombed them with the bacteria. After being infected, the poor animals all died.

Back in 1945, after the war ended, the owner of the island asked to take it back from the government. However, due to the contamination, the government refused to do so. They assured the owner that the island would be returned once it is deemed safe from contamination.

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On 1980 and 1986, the scientist conducted a thorough research on the area. They found out that the land is still infected with the virus.

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Up to this day, the island is considered unsafe for humans. Who would have thought that testing biological weapons would have such a huge consequence? May this be a reminder to people that biological weapons will never bring any good to humans.

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