Scare Tactics or Marketing Ploy? Glass Walkway in China ‘Cracks’ Under Pressure

Oct 11, 2017 | Accidents, Advisories, Social Networks, World

  • In China, a glass walkway that hang 3,800-feet above sea level cracked when one man stepped on the glass panels. He looked visibly shaken during the short clip.
  • Marketing ploy or scare tactic? You be the judge.
  • Read on to find out.

How would you feel if you’re standing on a glass walkway 3,800 feet above sea level and the only thing that’s between you and an impending death plunge is a pane of glass slowly cracking?

Exhilarated? Excited? Or, are you pee-in-your-pants scared now?

In China, a glass bridge hugging the eastern side of the Taihang Mountain had a special attraction for visitors brave enough to trek across the path: panels made to look like they’re breaking under pressure, literally.

While tourists might find this exciting, others are not as welcoming to the idea of ending their trip by falling to their deaths. After all, it’s more than a 3,000-foot drop to the ground, aside from the rocky edges of the mountain.

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Recently, a video of the glass walkway cracking under a man’s weight went viral in China. In the clip, the man, who looked liked a tourist guide, was walking in front of a group.

via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia

He looked down and saw the hairline cracks.

via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia

Panicking, he suddenly went down on his knees as more fissures appeared on the surface.

via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia

According to Channel News Asia, he was heard saying: “I’m scared to death!”

via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia

However, the management of East Taihang Scenic District assured the public that it was just a marketing gimmick utilizing body weight-sensing glass panels. Walkway designers also put shattered glass in between the layers, hearing the actual sound of breaking glass upon stepping on it. Not exactly what you would want to hear when you’re traipsing on a bridge with a terrifying view below.

They have since expressed regret over the scary experience, but their apology sounded more like a cheeky marketing blurb for the tourist attraction. Is this a case of #SorryNotSorry?

Some of the people on China’s social media, Weibo, were entertained with the authorities’ publicity stunt and cheap joke over breaking glass bridges. With the highly realistic feel of cracking glass, some visitors might get heart attacks over it.

via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia
via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia
via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia
via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia
via facebook.com/ChannelNewsAsia

Besides, it’s not the first time that glass pathways have cracked. For real.

In 2015, a Chinese tourist reported hearing cracking sounds on the suspended glass walkway across the Yuntai Mountain, triggering a panic amongst other tourists on the bridge. Authorities closed the attraction after the incident.

Owners of other glass bridges in China conducted a series of “safety testing” to show the soundness of these walkways. But with anything made in China, we’ll never really know since Chinese authorities are notorious for cover-ups.

This video is not for the faint of heart:

Here are some of the netizen’s reactions:

What could you say about this publicity stunt? Did you find it funny? Are you willing to walk the glass bridge, even if there are “cracking” sounds on it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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