Former “Mara Clara” Stars Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes Hang out With Their Kids

Oct 11, 2017 | ABS CBN, Artists, Celebrities And Showbiz, Cool, Cute

  • Former “Mara Clara” stars Gladys and Juday bonded with each other.
  • Their own children also played together as well.
  • You have to see their bonding moments below!

Judy Ann Santos gained wide recognition when she appeared in teleseryes in the ’90s up to the 2000’s that showed off her incredible acting prowess. One of the most famous shows she starred in was the melodrama “Mara Clara,” where she co-starred with Gladys Reyes.

Gladys played the antagonist while Judy Ann played the lead role. The series boosted their career and launched them into immediate stardom in the local showbiz industry. Gladys was widely hated in her role of Clara del Valle while Judy Ann Santos was immensely praised for her portrayal of Mara David.

Recently, the two former co-stars have reunited – this time, with their kids! If you look at their respective Instagram accounts, you will see pictures of their children hanging out with each other. Of course, Judy Ann and Gladys also took selfies. It seemed like the two have become best friends – so to speak – after they have worked with each other for many years.

We couldn’t blame them – several actors have also developed deep friendships with each other after they have appeared in long-running shows and projects. “Mara Clara” was one of them. It ran from August 1992 to February 1997, which makes it six years. Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes have hung out together in production tapings and shootings for six years!

Surely, a bond was established at that point and the recent pictures of the two actresses in social media proved just that.

via instagram/iamgladysreyes

See that? Those are the stunning selfie of Juday and Gladys. Look at them emitting total star power even in a mundane place like a parking lot!

It’s evident that they still have appeal in terms of looks alone. It was posted by Gladys in her personal account of @iamgladysreyes, where it has currently gained 21,305 likes as of this writing.

She captioned it with “Shooting with one of my consistent friends in the industry” and tagged Judy Ann.

via instagram/officialjuday

The one above was posted by Judy Ann Santos herself in her account @officialjuday. It has currently gained 56,801 likes as of this writing. Juday captioned it with “Ayun e.. kumota na sa tsika.. wala pa sa cut off.. naka cut na mga ulirat! (insert laughing emoji) ano clara?? Kaya pa ba?? Hashtag no filter!”

via instagram/iamgladysreyes

That’s Gladys’ child Cale and Juday’s daughter, Luna. See how they cute they look!

Check out some of their most precious bonding moments together, including their children:

via instagram/iamgladysreyes
via instagram/iamgladysreyes
via instagram/officialjuday
via instagram/officialjuday
via instagram/iamgladysreyes
via instagram/iamgladysreyes
via instagram/iamgladysreyes

What do you think of the two actresses’ bonding moments with each other, including their children? Do you find it sweet? Cute? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below! 

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