Chinese Man Opens Dating Club to Match Bachelors to Ukranian Women

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  • A Chinese man created a dating club aimed to help Chinese bachelors find a wife.
  • He was inspired when he met his wife in Ukraine years ago, where he studied college.
  • What are the details of his dating club? Read on and watch the video below!

Nowadays, technology has helped people to do several things online, including finding a potential partner. Because different dating apps are now made easily accessible by anyone who has a smartphone, going out and meeting someone has almost become obsolete. But did you know that a dating club exists? Apparently, you can still date offline, without the help of matchmaking sites or apps. In fact, one Chinese man named Mei Aisi created one to help his fellow Chinese men have foreign prospective brides. He called it Culove.

But before that, he was just a simple man who met a beautiful woman when he went to Ukraine. According to Asia One, he failed to enter in a prestigious university in China so he went abroad instead. This was when he met his wife, who married him when she was just 18 years old.

After that, he gained the public’s attention because of his inspiring love story. Chinese men were in awe of him for marrying a beautiful Ukranian. They wondered how and why a simple man like him captured her heart.

via China Smack
via China Smack
via China Smack

When Aisi decided to create his own dating club called Culove,  he kept in mind the Chinese bachelors who are currently stuck in the same situation as he was in before he met his partner.

According to a different report from the same source, his dating club organizes monthly tours to Ukraine itself so that Chinese men can meet their prospective types.

In every tour, 10 male participants in the dating club pay about 69,000 yuan (₱539,493.22) to embark in Ukraine for six days. This includes a stay in five-star hotels and sumptuous dinner parties, where they are introduced to around 30 Ukrainian ladies.

via China Smack
via YouTube/箭廠視頻
via YouTube/箭廠視頻

There is a formal introduction but the rest of the days are free for them to do whatever they please, such as participate in one-on-one dates in various scenic spots.

The dating club also offers free Ukranian classes for women so that they could be rightly introduced to the Chinese culture. This includes Mandarin lessons as well.

Based on his business, Aisi claimed that Chinese women have “high standards” for their ideal partners. According to him, Ukrainian women are more likely to marry for love than money, opposite to what Chinese women tend to do.

via YouTube/箭廠視頻
via YouTube/箭廠視頻
via YouTube/箭廠視頻

According to the report:

“Mei said in TV programme Maker China that his team of three at Culove has managed to rake in 6 million yuan (S$1.2 million) over the first six months of operation.” 

Aisi does not only own such a dating club – he also owns Chinese restaurants and an import-export company in Ukraine.

via YouTube/箭廠視頻

Here’s a video about the women involved in his dating club:

What do you think about Aisi’s dating club? Do you want to be a member? Let us know what you think of this in the comments section below! 

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