Yen Santos Is the Newest Island Girl With Her Sexy Shots on Instagram

Oct 10, 2017 | Artists, Celebrities And Showbiz, Cool, Hot, Images

  • Kapamilya actress Yen Santos is bringing up the heat with her pictures.
  • The actress visited Boracay and had a wonderful time.
  • You have to see her sexiest and most sizzling bikini shots here!

There are a lot of Kapamilya actresses who are talented and have a ton of follower on their respective social media accounts. Yen Santos is not an exception. She rose to fame when she appeared in “Pure Love” in 2014, where she portrayed the character of Ysabel Espiritu.

She was the lead star of the show that was originally based in a Korean drama released on 2011under the title of “49 Days.” After that, she appeared in several teleseryes, including “All of Me” in2015 and “Wildflower” in 2017.

She played a main role in “All of Me” and appeared as the love interests of JM de Guzman and Albert Martinez.

via instagram.com/ysantos/

In “Wildflower,” she played the dual role of Ana Navarro and the imposter Lily Cruz. Both roles allowed her to play as an antagonist and a protagonist role.

Nowadays, Yen Santos is hamming it up in the sun and showing off her sexiest bikini shots in her personal Instagram account with the handle of @ysantos. According to ABS-CBN Push, Yen is a “certified beach lover.” Her recent posts on social media have featured her enjoying her time in Boracay, one of the most famous islands in the Philippines.


via instagram/ysantos

That picture above has garnered 31,880 likes as of this writing. According to her location stamp, it was taken in Boracay. She credited the picture to a user with the handle of @lyndzsanantonio.


via instagram/ysantos

As expected, lots of netizens admired the actress’ beauty. They commented things such as “wow,” “sexy,” and “ang ganda.”


via instagram/ysantos

Look at her in full body:


via instagram/ysantos

She captioned that with “Good day!”

Well, good day to you too, Yen Santos. Just like the previous ones, her full-body shot gained lots of likes – 32,849 to be precise.

Here are more:

via instagram/ysantos


via instagram/ysantos


via instagram/ysantos


See how beautiful she is?


via instagram/ysantos


via instagram/ysantos

Clearly, Yen Santos is on fire!

As of writing, it would appear that the actress is back in Manila but her sizzling shots would never be forgotten. That’s for sure.

What can you say about Yen Santos’ bikini pictures?

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