#LoveWins: Eatery Owner Encounters Unconventional Lovers Who Inspired Her

Oct 6, 2017 | Educational, Images, Inspiring

  • An eatery owner encountered a pair of lovers in her shift.
  • She said that people were commenting about the unconventional couple.
  • What’s their story? Find out below!

An eatery is a place where people gather to eat food that are served at affordable prices. They are not restaurants but they are not sari-sari stores as well. Instead, they are establishments that are locally referred to as a “carinderia. They usually serve home-cooked local dishes like dinuguan, bulalo, pares, and the like.

A Facebook user named Migs Cano shared that she encountered two customers in their eatery. According to her, she was so inspired by the two that she had to post and share their pictures online.

As of this writing, Cano’s post has received 497 likes and reactions, as well as 20 comments. It has also been shared by netizens on their respective timelines for 43 times.

She started her post with a disclaimer and said that people should read her status first before they react and possibly bash the couple found in their eatery.

An excerpt of her post reads:

“Ang sweet nila sobra. At ramdam ko na mahal na mahal nila ang isat isa. Sana sa mga bashers nila shut up kayo kng makakasakit lang kayo ng damdamin. Nasira yung bus nila so nagkaron kami ng chance na mag usap kasi naman ang daming comments ng mga tao lalo na yung mga empleyado namin.” 

via facebook.com/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7

According to her, she told the lovers to ignore the comments of the people in and around the eatery. She didn’t mention the exact reason but it could be presumed that it was due to how unconventional they appeared in physical terms. People would usually bash or criticize couples who strikingly look different, as unfortunate as it may sound like.

via facebook/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7

The eatery owner said that the lovers were getting unwarranted comments from the people in and around the area. Hence, she decided to approach them and offered her own thoughts so they may not be discouraged by the public.

via facebook/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7

She added that before netizens would openly bash the lovers, they should look at the guy’s pictures and see if their comments are warranted. See below:

via facebook/migscano7
via facebook/migscano7

What do you think about this story? Have you encountered such “unconventional” lovers before? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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