Mari Chiu, Japan’s Legendary Baby Face Looks Unbelievably Young Despite Her Age

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  • In Japan, a youthful look is a beauty standard for women.
  • Because of this, most women strive to look younger than they really are.
  • You won’t believe this Japanese model’s age because of her childlike appearance.

In Japan, the ‘Lolita culture is prevalent in their society. Lolita is the term locals used to describe girls or women who are youthful looking or blessed with a baby face. Because of this standard, most women in Japan strive to attain a youthful and almost childlike appearance. They wear pastel colored-dresses paired with a fresh makeup look to make them appear years younger than their real age.

In some bizarre subcultures, they even revere women who resemble the Lolita characteristics. No wonder why this young model and girl group member has earned herself a large fanbase in Japan. Judging from her youthful appearance and doe-eyed photos, you wouldn’t believe that this girl is already a fully-grown woman!

via facebook.com/長澤茉里奈-Marina-Nagasawa
via facebook.com/長澤茉里奈-Marina-Nagasawa
via coolimatic.com

Nagasawa Marina, more popularly known as ‘Mari Chiu‘, is an underwear model and a member of the Japanese girl group Hokago Princess. Mari Chiu became an online sensation after her photos went viral on social media. Because of her youthful and alluring charisma, people have grown to love her.

In most of her viral photos, her baby doll facial features and cute schoolgirl outfits made her seem like a teen. But in reality, she’s already a fully grown woman. Can you guess her age?

via facebook.com/長澤茉里奈-Marina-Nagasawa


via facebook.com/長澤茉里奈-Marina-Nagasawa

She might look like a 12-year-old girl because of her youthful appearance, but would you believe that this model is already 22 years old? You heard that right. Mari Chiu was born on October 8, 1995.

Perhaps this shocking revelation is the reason why her fan base continues to grow. People couldn’t believe that she’s already a 22-year old woman because of her baby face. In Japan, Mari Chiu has gained herself thousands of admirers. But aside from her youthful appearance, this young model also boasts hidden talents.

report published in Koreaboo reveals that Mari Chiu is also known as a talented singer. Check out more of her photos below.

via facebook.com/長澤茉里奈-Marina-Nagasawa
via coolimatic.com
via coolimatic.com
via coolimatic.com
via facebook.com/長澤茉里奈-Marina-Nagasawa

Were you also amazed by Mari Chiu’s baby face appearance? Share your thoughts and opinion with us in the comments section below. For more interesting stories, feel free to follow our website. 

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