Liza Verbitskaya – Abandoned as a Baby, Grew up to be a Beauty Queen

Sep 18, 2017 | Controversy, Cute, Incidents, Information, Love, Viral

  • About 10 years ago, a baby was abandoned by her biological mother.
  • The baby grew up to be a child beauty queen named Liza Verbitskaya.
  • Now that Liza is famous, her biological mother is trying to reach out to her.

More than 10 years ago, residents of Yaroslavl City in Russia bore witness to a heart-wrenching incident. This incident would change the life of one particular individual – a little girl named Liza Verbitskaya who was abandoned by her mother.

To do justice to Liza’s harrowing yet inspirational journey, we must begin with how she was found.

During one fateful day, a neighbor heard the cries of a baby coming from inside a nearby abandoned house. Thinking it was nothing, the neighbor carried on with his usual chores. However, the baby’s cries continued for days. Eventually, he decided to investigate the source of the noise.

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The concerned neighbor approached the seemingly abandoned house where the baby’s cries were coming from.The house was in derelict condition, it had no lights and lacked furniture.

The only thing that was inside the house was the baby – Liza Verbitskaya.

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Liza was taken to a nearby hospital and her name and identity were revealed. Unfortunately, there were no records of her parents. This led to her being put up for adoption. But before Liza was placed in an orphanage, something serendipitous happened.

In the very same hospital that Liza was in, a woman named Inna Nika was taking care of her sick son. She first saw Liza when she heard a scream coming from an adjacent room. Inna peeked inside to see what was happening.

An instant connection formed between Inna and Liza as the former’s motherly instincts took over. Inna then regularly paid Liza a visit, bringing the abandoned baby food, clothes, and other childhood necessities.

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Liza Verbitskaya was eventually placed in an orphanage, which was around the same time that Inna realized that she had grown close to the abandoned baby. Inna then decided to adopt Liza as the child was nearing the age of 2. Inna has loved and cared for the little girl like she was her own flesh and blood ever since.

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via facebook.com/newsnercom

Growing up, Liza suffered from bullying because of her dark skin color. She was called a “gypsy” and “chocolate” by those who made fun of her. In Russia, most people are of Caucasian descent which led to Liza being alienated for being different.

Liza’s adoptive mother Inna said:

“She’s not ashamed of who she is. When she was little, I told her: ‘People will always stare at you — be prepared for it!’”

Liza also bore psychological scars because of her tragic past. Inna did her best to help her adopted daughter heal from the wounds of her abandonment.

Liza Verbitskaya eventually grew up to become a child beauty queen. The 12-year-old girl has achieved celebrity status because of her unique beauty and vibrant personality. She was able to overcome her dark past by building a bright future.

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via facebook.com/newsnercom

News of Liza’s fame reached her biological mother. It was then that the very same person who abandoned her more than a decade ago decided to reach out to her.

As of this writing, it is unknown if Liza has decided to meet with her biological mother.

Read netizens’ comments about Liza’s inspiring story below.

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via facebook.com/newsnercom
via facebook.com/newsnercom

Watch this video for a closer look at the story of Liza Verbitskaya.

If you were Liza, would you meet the mother who abandoned you? Share your thoughts and sentiments on this story below!

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