Grade Six Student Arrested for Allegedly Selling Drugs in School!

Aug 22, 2017 | Crimes, Drugs, Duterte, War

  • A grade 6 student was arrested for allegedly selling drugs in school.
  • According to reports, the unnamed student was caught by his teacher when he was spotted playing with a lighter.
  • Three other suspects – who the student pointed out to be his suppliers – were also arrested by the police.

After news of Kian Loyd delos Santos‘ death at the hands of police after being accused of acting as a drug runner, a new case involving another youth involved in the illegal drug trade has made the news. A grade six student from Quezon City was recently arrested by the authorities after he was caught allegedly selling illegal drugs – particularly sachets of marijuana – to his classmates within school premises.

According to his two teachers, the 16-year-old elementary school student was caught with 22 sachets of marijuana found inside his backpack. Aside from the drugs, paraphernalia – specifically, an improvised glass tube and a lighter – were also confiscated from his bag.

via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews

His teachers said that they became suspicious of his actions when they saw him playing with the lighter within the school campus.

According to the student, he sells each sachet of marijuana for P100. He even claims he smokes it with his classmates, as revealed by Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar, QCPD director.

Three other suspects – Ralph Norman Peñaflor (25), John Ross Ong (18), and Eunice Zhiska Zeta (27) – were arrested after the student identified them as his suppliers. Two of them denied the allegations against them and said that they were being mistaken as drug dealers.

Meanwhile, one of them, a 3rd year college student, admitted that he is indeed a drug dealer and uses the money gained from selling drugs to fund his needs. He did, however, clarify that he is not connected in any way with the student and has never sold any illegal drugs to elementary school students.

via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews
via facebook.com/gmanews

Peñaflor and Ong were arrested with 3 sachets of marijuana during a raid in Barangay San Antonio. A few hours later, the unidentified student fingered them as his suppliers. Afterwards, the two suspects then led the authorities to Zeta who was caught with 250 grams of marijuana in Barangay Salvacion.

The three suspects are now in police custody for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act (RA 9165).

As a result of this case involving an underage alleged drug dealer, the QCPD said that the minimum age of criminal liability should be lowered since they believe that many children are not afraid of getting arrested as they are protected by the law.

Watch the video report below for more information:

What can you say about the QCPD’s suggestion? Do you think that the minimum age of criminal liability should indeed be lowered? 

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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