“Saan na ‘yung g*** na ‘yun?” President Rodrigo Duterte Visits Senator Leila De Lima’s Cell in Camp Crame.

Aug 11, 2017 | Philippines, Politics, War

  • Recently, President Duterte visited Camp Crame for the 116th Police Service Anniversary.
  • During his speech, he said he went to visit Sen. Leila De Lima’s cell.
  • Find out what happened below!

Senator Leila De Lima had an unexpected visit from President Rodrigo Duterte on August 9 while she was detained at the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center in Camp Crame.

Sen. Leila De Lima is one of President Duterte’s more vocal critics, especially concerning the latter’s controversial war on illegal drugs.

According to this report by ABS-CBN, the visit occurred when President Rodrigo Duterte went to Camp Crame to attend the 116th Police Service Anniversary and a command conference. President Duterte said he wanted to visit Sen. De Lima, however, her cell was far from the PNP Sports Centerwhere the celebratory event was taking place.

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President Duterte said:

“Yung kay Delilah [sic] sa’kin, skeletal lang naman ‘yun. Nagpunta ako doon sa Crame, sinilip ko ‘yung presuhan niya. Pssssttt. Gusto kong sabihin o… malayo man. Nagpunta ako sabi ko, saan na ‘yung g*** na ‘yun? Doon dinala ako.”

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The President did not forget to voice his opinion over the European Union – which suggested that the senator be moved to house arrest. The EU called her a “prisoner of conscience.”

In a report by GMA, President Duterte said:

“I cannot imagine that—her capacity to… Imagine, she can even convince foreigners—‘yung mga t— mga EU. Hijo de…Tapos magpunta dito to declare… ‘Can she be house arrested because she’s a prisoner of conscience?’ Pu… Pagka-b— talaga itong mga… You are losing the matters there.”

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De Lima was detained after she was accused of protecting high-profile inmates in the New Bilibid Prison. These inmates were high ranking members of the illegal drug trade.

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De Lima strongly denied that she was involved in the sale of illegal drugs and called her imprisonment by the Duterte regime “political persecution.”

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President Duterte also brought up the alleged s*x tape that featured Sen. De Lima. He said:

“With all the, you know… Pati ‘yung pardon… ‘Yung video. Hindi niyo tinignan kung anong klaseng babae ‘yan? And they come here and say na she’s a prisoner of conscience. My god.”

“Sandali lang, I’m trying to replay the video. Huwag kayong maingay, you are disturbing me. I can still see the dog na ‘yung karga-karga niya palagi sa opisina niya.”

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Watch this video below for more information:

Netizens had this to say about President Duterte’s visit to Sen. De Lima’s cell:

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via facebook.com/dzmmteleradyo

What can you say about President Duterte’s visit to Camp Crame? Why do you think President Rodrigo Duterte wished to visit Sen. Leila De Lima? Do you think he wanted to gloat over his vocal critic?

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