Is Gretchen Ho In Love? Find Out Who the Lucky Guy Is Here!

Aug 11, 2017 | Amazing, Celebrities And Showbiz, Love

  • Gretchen Ho posted a photo Instagram talking about “True Love. “
  • Is Gretchen Ho in love with this new leading man?
  • What must Robi Domingo be feeling right now?

Most people dream of experiencing true love. After Gretchen Ho and her longtime boyfriend Robi Domingo broke up, they probably thought that true love was but a fleeting dream. However, Gretchen may be getting another crack at that dream.

They say that true love looks beyond physical appearance. Some people believe that substance trumps style. Who else is a better of example of substance over style than “Kita Kita” leading man Empoy Marquez?

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Empoy recently captured the hearts of million around the Philippines after his latest film, “Kita Kita,” broke indie box office records. Empoy starred opposite one of the most versatile actresses of the country, Assunta de Rossi’s younger sister Alessandra “Alex” de Rossi.

In the film, Alex portrayed Lea – blind woman still reeling from heartbreak after a breakup – who falls in love with Empoy’s character, Tonyo.

Now, Alex may have found a rival a rival over Empoy’s heart.

Gretchen Hoposted a photo on Instagram of herself eating with Empoy. The photo was a parody of a famous scene in Empoy and Alex’s movie wherein they loudly slurped Ramen noodles. Gretchen even said on her caption that she thinks it’s “True Love,” even tagging Alex and posting the clever hashtag #KitaKitaKahitSingkitAko.

via instagram.com/gretchenho
via instagram.com/gretchenho

Gretchen Ho and Robi Domingo publicly announced their breakup in March of this year. After their announcement, Robi and Gretchen still continued working together on a number of projects. In fact, rumors of the two getting back together were the talk of the town a few months ago.

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via instagram.com/gretchenho
via instagram.com/gretchenho
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via instagram.com/iamrobidomingo
via instagram.com/iamrobidomingo
via instagram.com/iamrobidomingo
via instagram.com/iamrobidomingo

Do you think Gretchen Ho and Empoy Marquez could hit it off? Share your thoughts and post your comments in our comments section and like TNP!

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