A 62-Year-Old Father Was Spotted Kissing His 15-Year-Old Daughter On Her Lips! Netizens Outraged At This Photo!

Aug 9, 2017 | Celebrities And Showbiz, Challenge, Cute, Love

  • Netizens were shocked and angry after seeing this viral photo of a Chinese father kissing his teen daughter on the lips!
  • Many shared their various reactions towards this unconventional show of affection towards a family member.
  • Find out the details of this strange photo in the following article!

In recent years, there’s a growing trend in the Philippines that some fathers would prefer to have a daughter as their first child. Indeed, it’s a part of this idea that many dads would most likely spoil their little princesses with affection and be overprotective of them. This affection towards your young one can be expressed in many ways: big hugs, cheek kissing and presents.

There’s nothing wrong with being very affectionate to your daughter. Girls and boys growing up deserve to grow up in an environment full of love and respect.

However, this father from China received a wave of negative attention from netizens after he shared a photo of him kissing his 15-year-old daughter on the lips! He shared this photo on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

(via tvb.com)
(via kknews.cc)

The 62-year-old is an actor named Joseph Lee and shared this photo on July 21 in celebration of his daughter’s birthday.

(via ku.ent.sina.com.cn)
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(via hk.on.cc)

The caption read: “Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday! So happy.”

The first photo was innocent enough – the father and daughter sharing a hug. The second photo was a bit more controversial as it showed the duo kissing each other on the lips!

(via sundaykiss.com)
(via sina.com.hk)

One netizen was so outraged at what he saw, that he called the actor a pervert.

A netizen said: “I don’t think you should kiss your daughter like that. Males and females should be treated differently after all.”

(via sundaykiss.com)

Other Chinese netizens defended the actor’s actions and called the photo ‘sweet’.

A netizen said: “If you think this is dirty, then everything would be dirty to you.”

Indeed, some cultures use a quick kiss on the lips as a sign of affection, without the malice or ill intentions.

(via sundaykiss.com)

It’s certainly a strange sight to see. But we suppose it would be more awkward if the two of them shared a “French” kiss. We certainly don’t want to see that shared between a father and daughter! Ugh!

(via sundaykiss.com)

What can you say about this viral issue? Do you think it’s inappropriate for a father to kiss his 15-year-old daughter on the lips?

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

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