Man Declared Free From Cancer, Celebrates With Friends. The Following Day, He Was Found Dead After Falling From a Cliff!

Aug 7, 2017 | Accidents, Deaths

  • A man with cancer was declared free of the disease after medication
  • To celebrate, he partied with his friends and family
  • He was found dead the morning after the celebration

For a person who is suffering from a serious disease, there must be no greater feeling than being pronounced free from it. Sadly, this was not the case for Adam Fenton. On his first night out with friends after being all clear from cancer he met an incident that took his life. His wife and three kidswere truly heartbroken.

Adam’s passing was such an unfortunate event for Carly Blackman, 33 and her three girls. Their family and Adam have worked really hard to fight his cancer. To their surprise, it was not his illness which took him from them.

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The man’s body was found at the foot of the cliffs in Newquay’s Towan beach. It was after he went out to the pub with his peers. Two weeks before the tragedy, their family actually spent quality time on the same shore.

According to Dailymail, a woman in her 40’s had also fallen from the cliffs. As a result, she is in critical condition in the hospital.

Prior to the incident Adam and fiancée, Carly were planning their wedding. They have been together for eight years and a half. Of course their children, Macie, 6, Maddison, 5, and Bayleigh, 13 were involved in the preparations for the big day.

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Fenton was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, an aggressive kind of cancer, eight or nine months ago. It attacked his heart, lungs, and lymph nodes. He had to undergo chemotherapy for six months. It was truly a miracle that the huge tumors in his body had shrunk. Later, he was proclaimed all clearfrom the disease.

Rebecca, Carly’s mom says that his illness made them closer than ever. They thought Adam would never make it through the disease, but he did.

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To celebrate his freedom from his illness, he decided to go out and have a few drinks with his friends. When he could not be found, his friends thought he had only gone home. However, the following morning, at about 6:30, his body was discovered by a dog walker. Police are still investigating his death and its cause.

According to Rebecca, Adam had no reason to intentionally jump from the cliff. He had a good lifeahead of him. He was cancer-free, he was getting married and he was loved by his daughters.

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Rebecca shared:

“He was so happy. I can’t imagine him doing that. He was the most lovely and most loving and happy man. He was the most friendly person you would wish to meet…It doesn’t make sense at all. Telling the youngest girls was heartbreaking.”

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Meanwhile, after losing Adam, Carly stopped receiving benefits.  They were not married so she was not getting any widow’s pension. Without him, the grieving mother is left to raise the children on her own. Their family and friends are raising money to help support the Carly and her daughters.

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