You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck in Traffic With This Handsome Bus Conductor!

Aug 4, 2017 | Man Stuff, Social Networks, Viral

  • Heavy traffic is a commuter’s daily nightmare.
  • A netizen posted a photo of a handsome bus conductor you wouldn’t mind being stuck in traffic with.
  • Come and check out this handsome hunk!

Commuting in the Philippines is a daily ordeal. It is usually filled with long lines and heavy traffic. Oh God, the heavy traffic! Complaints about the country’s traffic system are neverending – just like the traffic along EDSA and other major thoroughfares. However, this bus conductor just might help make your daily commute more bearable.

How so, you ask? Well, all you have to do is take a look at this devilishly handsome and hunky bus conductor.

via facebook.com/kcdauden
via facebook.com/kcdauden

Photos of this handsome bus conductor who brightened up a netizen’s day went viral. When this hottie came up to get everyone’s fare, the netizen couldn’t help but take a few snaps.

via facebook.com/kcdauden
via facebook.com/kcdauden

She made a checklist that said this conductor is tall (check), dark (check), and handsome (check). Compared to the people who we normally see carrying wads of cash and bus tickets, this man’s appearance is a breath of fresh air. Others have said that he looks so good that he could even be featured on a billboard! His physique was obviously well-maintained, judging by the form-fitting uniform that hugged his toned biceps.

via facebook.com/kcdauden
via facebook.com/kcdauden
via facebook.com/kcdauden

His pointed nose and smooth lips could rival most male celebrities out there. The netizen who shared the conductor’s photos couldn’t help but define this trip as a trip to heaven.

Comments praising the man’s attractiveness flooded the viral post’s comments section. Some girls were looking for the bus that had this handsome bus conductor. Others couldn’t help themselves and posted a bunch of lewd comments. There were even people hoping to get this guy discovered through shows such as “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.”

via facebook.com/kcdauden

It would really be interesting to know this man’s story. has he ever been offered indecent proposals by his passengers? Has he ever tried to enter show business? There are so many things we want to know. Whatever happens, we hope we see more of this handsome bus conductor!

What would you do if you were a passenger on the same bus as this handsome bus conductor? Do you think he should explore modeling? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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