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  • Kapamilya actor Ahron Villena accidentally posts a nude photo on Instagram!
  • The hashtag #AhronVillena trended on Twitter, minutes after the scandal!
  • Ahron previously denied any romantic relationship with Cacai Bautista, his former best friend.

With about 100,000 followers on Instagram, Kapamilya actor Ahron Villena accidentally blessed his fans with a naughty treat.

On Friday night, July 28, the hunky actor with washboard abs posted a nude photo of himself on Instagram, with his member peeking out at the lower-left corner.

Whether by accident or not, netizens were quick to catch onto the hard-on. The Kapamilya actor immediately deleted the post, but you know how the internet works. It never forgets.

via pep.ph

Moments after his member blunder, the hashtag #AhronVillena trended on Twitter as netizens had a ball discussing the actor’s slip up.

via abs-cbn.com
via abs-cbn.com

No wonder Cacai Bautista was ga-ga over Ahron Villena!

via abs-cbn.com

Lest we forget, Cacai was the actor’s former best friend. They used to travel together and had numerous photos together, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship. However, in a controversial interview, Ahron clarified:

“Ang alam ko, never naging tayo!”

Harsh, but karma has a way of catching up.

One netizen pointed out that the actor is indeed blessed with the goods.

via abs-cbn.com

Some rather enjoyed the bulge. Does size matter? It does, apparently.

via abs-cbn.com

And others rallied in their strong support for the actor.

via abs-cbn.com

But wait, has he done this before?

In May, Ahron was also in a sticky situation when a nude photo of him reportedly made the rounds online. In the first picture, Ahron, wearing a brown jacket, was sitting on his airplane seat. Another picture of a guy wearing the same jacket had his “python” peeking out circulated the net.

Netizens compared the two photos and concluded that Ahron was the exhibitionist in the viral pictures. Others were not as convinced since the photo only showed half of the man’s face. However, some claimed that the men in the photos had the same mustache, the same black shirt, and the same brown jacket.

Ahron stayed mum on the issue.

As of press time, neither the Kapamilya actor nor his representative has issued any statement regarding the scandalous slip up.

Apparently, Ahron’s junk is everyone’s treasure. Don’t be surprised. Just look at him:

via instagram.com/ahronvillena
via instagram.com/ahronvillena

What do you think of Ahron Villena’s nude post? Share your comments below! Don’t forget to like and share!

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