Jul 3, 2017 | Amazing, Celebrities And Showbiz

  • Kris Aquino moved into her new home in Quezon City.
  • Take a look at her elegant swimming pool.
  • She invited special guests for her house blessing.

Undeniably, Kris Aquino is one of the richest celebrities in the Philippines. Her famous television shows, numerous television advertisements, and film appearances contributed to her success. She was also controversial for being related to two former presidents.

The Queen of All Media recently flew to Singapore to be part of a Hollywood movie, Crazy Rich Asians. After filming, she went back to Manila to spend time with her family. She had told her fans that she and her children had already moved into their new home in Quezon City.

Gradually, the celebrity is showing bits and pieces of her house. On Instagram, she first posted a photo of her kitchen table and her front door.

via GMA News

Most parts of her house are white so it was striking to see that her front door os pink. She said that it was to show how ‘kikay’ she is. The same goes for her beautiful rose quartz counter tops which she dreamed of having.

via GMA News

Later, she showed a photo of her elegant swimming pool.

There is also a glass sculpture by the pool which looked like it was made by Ramon Orlina. The said artist is known for his masterpieces which normally cost PHP 90,000 to PHP 300,000.

Kris displayed sophisticated taste not only with the outfits she wear but also in the interior design of her house. She had it constructed early this year and hoped that it would be ready before Mother’s Day.

Unfortunately, she did not meet her target date as she just had her ‘rushed’ house blessing this June 10 with the help of her family and friends. It only took them 6 hours to prepare for the event. Her sisters Ballsy and Pinky were not the only ones present, but also Vice President Leni Robredo and daughter, Aika Robredo.

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