Jul 3, 2017 | Accidents, Celebrities And Showbiz, Crimes

  • Keanna Reeves was recently hacked.
  • Nude photos of her were leaked online.
  • She has sought the aid of the NBI’s Cybercrime Division.

Actress Keanna Reeves recently revealed to the media that her Facebook account was hacked and the hacker leaked nude photos of her online. Keanna says that she was deeply distressed by the hacking, which has caused a few rifts between the actress and her family.

Keanna narrates that the leaked scandalous personal photos have caused her family members to look at her in a negative light. She narrated:

“Nahihiya ako para sa sarili ko at para sa mga anak ko para sawayin nila ako nang gano’n.”

via Deviant Art

She has since taken action to rectify the damage done to her personal life by the cyber attack. Keanna Reeves sought the aid of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) who subsequently referred her to their Cybercrime Division. The NBI’s Cybercrime Division was created to deal with cases similar to the one that Keanna Reeves has.

via Youtube
via Youtube

Keanna narrated how she was locked out of her Facebook account. The hacker even posed as Keanna, who used the actress’ account to talk to her friends and propositioned them with s*xual favors. Keanna was devastated by the damage this incident has incurred on her reputation.

via Youtube
via Youtube
via Youtube
via Youtube

She warns everyone to be careful with their online activities.

“Hindi ko alam na puwede palang mapasok ng ibang tao. Wala na talagang safe ngayon. Pinagsabihan nga nila ako na huwag din ako magbukas ng Facebook sa mga computer na hindi naman akin at huwag ko rin ibigay ang password.”

via Youtube

Watch Keanna Reeves in an interview with TV5 below:

The NBI Cybercrime Division urges all netizens to be vigilant about cyber security. It is up to each and every individual to act as their own personal first line of defense against hackers and scammers.

According the NBI Cybercrime Division, the most common types of cases they receive are those involving libel. Closely following suit are online scams and identity theft.

We urge everyone to be safe and always secure your online profiles. What do you think of this story? Let us know what you have to say about cyber security in the comments section!



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