Jun 9, 2017 | Artists, Celebrities And Showbiz

  • Breanna Bunevacz is making heads turn in the United States.
  • She is the daughter of Jessica Rodriguez and David Bunevacz.
  • Many people think she resembles international model Gigi Hadid.

The daughter of former talent manager and actress Jessica Rodriguez and former athlete David Bunevacz is making a name in the United States. Breanna Bunevacz is only thirteen but her height and beauty is already making heads turn.

Many pointed out her resemblance to the American fashion model Gigi Hadid. They also said that Breanna got her beauty from her mother as Jessica was a ramp model in the 1980s before entering the show business. Jessica also competed in the Bb. Pilipinas 1986 with actress Alice Dixson.

In 2016, Jessica reportedly ventured into writing and became an author. Her first book bears the title ‘Date Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman: The Polished Woman’s Guide to Love, Romance, and Sex.’

The synopsis reads:

“There’s no secret to getting a man or making him stay, but there are things that you can do to make those things easier and more enjoyable. Similarly, once you’re married, you’re not handed some ‘how-to’ manual on how to make your marriage work, but this is the next best thing. ‘Date Like a Girl, Marry Like a Woman: The Polished Woman’s Guide to Love, Romance and Sex’ is a unique book that will help you navigate the single life and still be useful after the actual honeymoon is over. Blending practical advice with personal stories, the rules provided offer ways to make the modern relationship work.”

Jessica now resides in California with her husband David and their three kids. David was a former decathlete was in a variety of field sports all throughout his high school and college, including high hurdle, high jump, long jump, Javelin throw, among others. Today, he is the CEO of the clinic Beverly Hills 6750 in Makati.

In her profile on the Polished Woman website which promotes her first book, Jessica explained why she decided to write a book about giving advice and insights to women.

“I love women and I love being a woman. I love being surrounded by beautiful women and I believe every woman is attractive. I want to help and witness women evolve into their desired selves. We just have to learn to express what is within and to let out the essence of our beauty from our core,” she said.

“I want to be here for all the women who need to hear the voice of reason, a voice I have painfully come to know first-hand. I just want to impart the wisdom I have gained in my own life,” she added.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find Breanna beautiful as well like her mom? Tell us what you think in the comments field below.


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