Meet The Beautiful Sister Of Andrea Brillantes Who Looks Exactly Like Her!

Apr 25, 2017 | Artists, Celebrities And Showbiz, Cute

You probably know who this is right?
That’s right, that’s Andrea Brillantes, the ever lovely and ever growing 14-year old Goin Bulilit alumni who’s making plenty of splashes on social media.
From her trendy Instagram:
to her vlog:
and even her Musical.ly
This girl just shines.
Last year, she even had the role on the 2015 remake of Pangako Sa ‘Yo who starred Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, and Jodi Sta. Maria, just to name a few.
But did you know that she has a sister? Chances are you probably do.
Looks like beauty runs in the family as the sisters really look similar.
Bubbly, talkative, and definitely adorable, both of them are definitely born for the camera.
She’s Kayla, oh and don’t worry, here’s her Instagram account so you can indulge on her own beauty.
Follow Andrea on Twitter right here: https://twitter.com/iamandrea_b?lang=en
Of course, the netizens couldn’t help themselves but blurt out their praises:
“parang si andrea naamn ganda niya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
– Ara Mae Penarubia
“kahawigin nya si Denise Laurel”
– Kathrina Dimaano
“mas matured sya kesya ky andrea, c andrea pa sweet, yung twin nya naman parang mas atebs kanilang dalawa.”
-julie ann gravoso
What do you think of these two lovely sisters? Tell us in the comments section below!


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