This Mother Was Heartbroken After She Gave Birth to a Cyclops Baby Who Instantly Died! See Here!

Apr 20, 2017 | Accidents, Love, Science

Have you ever heard of a cyclops? This is a creature in Greek Mythology who has a large single eye in the center of its forehead.
The term “cyclops” literally means “round-eyed,” hence the name. These creatures are fictionally considered as members of the primordial race of giants in the myths.
However, a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon might go against that statement because he just saw a “cyclops baby” in real life.
According to Wereblog, a condition called cyclopia exists. It is considered an extremely rare birth defect where the baby is born with one or conjoined eyes in the middle of its forehead.
The source cited that sometimes, the nose and the mouth of the baby are not able to function properly. There are also cases wherein they do not have mouths or noses at all.
Because of this, babies who suffer from this condition are not able to breathe outside the womb. Oftentimes, doctors can only watch the baby die as they deliver it, stillborn.
The source mentioned that Sean McCafferty, a Peace Corps volunteer, uploaded pictures of a cycloptic baby who was born in Cameroon, Africa.
Netizens quickly caught his pictures. McCafferty narrated that the visited a local hospital when a nurse called him.
She held a pan-like object which was wrapped in a towel. He initially thought that she held a newborn baby.
To his surprise, the nurse pulled off the towel and McCafferty was able to see the baby who suffered from cyclopia.
In his blog, McCafferty relayed “it was as if the entire reality of Africa came crashing down upon my shoulders.”
He narrated that the baby had no mouth and nose. Instead, it only had one extremely deformed eye with two pupils.
When the nurse continued to pull back the towel in which the baby was in, McCafferty said that its torso, arms, and hands appeared normal.
When he saw the baby’s genital area, that’s when he got shocked. The nurse said that the baby had no anus but had both sets of the human genitalia.
According to the source, “Sean was stunned when suddenly the baby moved, it was still alive and it began to twitch its arms and kicked its legs.”
It continued, “Unfortunately, because the baby doesn’t have a nose and mouth to breathe, all they could do is stood there, watch and wait for the baby to suffocate and succumb.”
McCafferty asked about the mother’s condition and found out that she was fine and was living far away from the hospital.
However, the source said that there’s a large possibility she may have consumed a kind of a toxic plant or a chemical that have caused her to have a cycloptic child.
Here is a related footage that tackles about cycloptic babies:

Unbelievable, right? If you were in McCafferty’s shoes, how would you react? Have you encountered similar cases related to this before?
Tell us your stories below!


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