Kobe Paras Has Officially Declared For NBA Draft; Lakers, Spurs Ready To Take Him

Apr 4, 2017 | Amazing, Basketball, Bests, Cool, Game, Trending

Kobe Paras, a 19-year old, 6’6 shooting guard son of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) legend and the only player to win Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same season Benjie Paras.

Kobe has officially declared for the NBA Draft. He’s already got teams getting in line for him. Teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Pistons and Bucks are already eyeing Kobe even before the actual draft.

The Facebook post reads:

Kobe Paras has officially declared for the NBA Draft.

Lakers, Spurs, Pistons and Bucks are the teams that are interested in drafting Kobe”

NBA, the most prestigious basketball league in the world, opens its gates to young blood through a selection process called the NBA Draft. Each of the league’s 30 franchises gets a chance to pick one of the most promising up-and-coming athletes to add to their roster and Kobe joins this year to make it to the professional league as he becomes eligible for the draft.

Kobe has made rounds online after his spectacular practice and in-game highlights went viral. One video features Kobe’s leaping ability when he  dunked over NBA superstar Lebron James during an exhibition game.

Meanwhile, UCLA coach Steve Alford has compared Kobe To Minnesota Timberwolves rookie shooting guard Zach LaVine.Alford visited LA Cathedral early this month to check on Paras, who made it to LA Times sports pages for his impressive pre-season showing with the Phantoms and he liked what he saw up close.

According to Kobe:  “He (Alford) compared me to Zach LaVine, he said that my basketball IQ was kinda better than his and we’re both athletic. So, that was really cool when he said that because no one really compared me to anyone. It was kinda great especially coming from him, the head coach.”

 Kobe added: “When he (Alford) told me that and offered me [a scholarship], in my head, I want to commit right away.”




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